It is a beautiful mountain pass which proceeds through the majestic Sahyadri mountain range. It is one of the least explored places in Maharashtra. Not many people have heard of this place. Very less number of tourists gives the visit to Varandha ghat road as compared to Tamhini Ghat. This mountain pass joins Pune region to the Konkan region. It is located at a distance of about 108 km from Pune. The length of this mountain pass is 10 km. This Ghat has lush green mountains, valleys & waterfalls which attract many tourists. The Ghat route is blessed with the abundant beauty of nature. How To Reach: It is advisable to drive your own vehicle while visiting Varandha ghat road as you can stop where ever in between the journey to enjoy the beauty of nature. Do not forget to fill up your fuel tank full as there is no fuel station between 75 km stretch. # Route From Mumbai: By Mumbai Goa NH-4 highway, reach Mahad town then take the left road going to Pune and reach Barasgaon. After that, follow the road till Shivtharghal. # Route From Pune: When going from Pune, you will notice the left turn for the road to Narayanpur Balaji Temple. There is a very small route ahead of this point towards right side which leads to Bhor Ghat. This road further leads to this place. # Route From Kolhapur: Take National Highway 4 from Kolhapur – Reach Shiroli – Cross Warana river at Kanegaon – Waghwadi – Narayanwadi – Reach Satara – Bhuinj – Shirwal – Next to Shirwal, take a left diversion to Maharashtra State Highway 70 – Bhor – Varandha. ** Nearby Attractions: Kavlya Fort, MohanGad, Jaslodh Gad & Shivtharghal.

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