Outdoor Ventures Pvt. Ltd is an incorporated and well known Company in Pune for tours, trekking, and adventures. We are committed to provide the best service for our clients.

Programme Change/Delay:

We will ensure that the programme goes as per the schedule mentioned, but due to unavoidable circumstances like Weather, Govt. permissions, Location became inaccessible due to natural calamities or any other circumstance, we may have to customize the programme.

Payments/Cancellation Policy:

For some bookings, we accept full/partial payment in advance. If you (client) cancel the booking, the payment made is non-refundable (unless otherwise specified on that trip). However, if the cancellation is made by us (Outdoor Ventures), the full refund will be initiated back to the client. We will always try to provide better service than expected, but if some inconveniences happen, we will have the right to cancel the booking and refund money back to the client. The refunded money will take upto 5-7 Business days to get deposited back to your account (if in any case, you haven’t received the money, you can email us to support@outdoorventures.in and we will be glad to help you). We will try to provide the best pricing for every booking, but if there is anything that is not covered in the inclusions, the client has to bear the expenses of it. We will fix the price and make bookings on best possible price, we can give to our clients but if there is any sudden hike in charges, we may have to impose an extra charge to the client.

Age Policy:

This Website is not for use by any minors (defined as those who are not at least 18 years of age), and you must not use this Website if you a minor. However, parents and guardians can do bookings for their children.

Safety Policy:

Our guides are very trained and experienced and will try to take the best care of you, but activities do include risk factor. We can’t be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury to person or personal belongings, you are requested to follow our guidelines to keep safe and have fun.